UMAS. Commercial consultants for a carbon constrained future.

Who we are

At UMAS, we are proudly passionate about our purpose; to lead and support the decarbonisation of the shipping, maritime and related energy sectors worldwide towards a 1.5°C-aligned future.

We are an independent commercial consultancy, drawing upon deep relationships with a wide range of research partners to support you in navigating the complexities of the energy transition.

Working with a diverse range of shipowners and managers, charterers, finance and insurance firms, brokers, NGOs, ports and energy providers, we deliver practical, honest, and unbiased evidence-based advice that you can rely on.

UMAS isn’t just about policy discussions; we’re hands-on deck, providing the insights and analyses crucial for your business-critical decisions. Our consultancy and modelling services combined with robust data analytics don’t just tackle complex policy issues—they translate into tangible, commercially viable solutions for your organisation.

We’ve earned a solid reputation over the past decade as an internationally recognised and influential driver of change. Our work with the UCL Energy Institute has delivered ground-breaking consultancy services in policy and strategy for a wide range of organisations and clients ranging from the National Government, NGOs and corporates, amongst others.

Our team combines a diverse range of in-depth industry expertise, research and analytical capabilities to support you, alongside state-of-the-art proprietary modelling capabilities, such as GloTraM and FUSE, to help you make better decisions and plan for the future. So, at UMAS, we are more than just consultants. We’re independent partners in progress, driven by a genuine passion to make a difference.