Fuse Vessel

A FUSE Vessel report provides a detailed analysis of a ships operation, fuel consumption and emissions over the period of a year.

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Detailed operational statistics include:

  • Comparison of days at sea, average speed and number of voyages against vessels in peer size and class including a global map showing the operation of peer vessels
  • Detailed breakdown of voyages undertaken in the year of interest included a global map indicating the operation.
  • Estimated power curves used in the estimated of fuel consumption and emissions
  • Estimates of financial savings as a result of speed adjustments, including the effect on voyage lengths.
  • Identification of voyages and port stops (and static periods not associated with port stops) with associated emissions, cargo loading (where appropriate) and fuel consumed.
  • Estimated emissions associated with Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

Why use FUSE Vessel reports?

  • Identify potential operational and technology interventions
    • Static period identification and regions of operation for hull inspections and cleaning
    • Speed profile including speed trends
    • Slow steaming potential
  • Vessel Vetting for time charters
    • Power curves for ballast and laden conditions
    • Operation indices including EEOI
    • Operational performance benchmarked to peers
  • Emissions estimation for ESG reporting
    • FUSE reports are available over any period and can be applied to spot fixtures to determine overall emissions and normalised performance (EEOI)

FUSE Vessel reports will retail at £110 per vessel per period for a full report. In addition, we can extract any of the above statistics to a format of your choice.