Dr Simon Davies – Director

Simon is a Visiting Lecturer at UCL and the co-founder of UMAS, he is also the managing director of UMAS International Ltd. Simon has over twenty years’ experience in climate change & sustainability management and advisory services. He has held leadership positions in major corporations including the Centrica Group of companies as Head of Environment and leading KPMG’s Climate Change and Carbon team in the UK, focusing particularly on the international shipping sector. Simon has extensive overseas working experience particularly across the EU, S.E Asia, Africa and North America.
Contact: simon.davies@u-mas.co.uk

Dr Tristan Smith – Director

Tristan is a Reader at the UCL Energy Institute and is the director of the Research Council UK funded project Shipping in Changing Climates, a multi-university and industry research project and leads the modelling work on supply and demand interaction and evolution. He is the lead author of the Third IMO GHG Study – 2014. He has previously been the coordinator of the Low Carbon Shipping – A System Approach project. He has a number of years’ experience as a naval architect in the UK Ministry of Defence, and has won an international award for his work on ship safety.
Contact: tristan.smith@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Lynette Dray – Consultant

Lynnette Dray is a Senior Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute. Her research interests include transport model development, policy assessment, demand and vehicle fleet modelling and transport system optimisation. Before joining UCL, she was a Senior Research Associate at Cambridge University, where she was institutional lead on transport related projects. She was also lead modeller in both the AIM (Aviation Integrated Modelling) and TOSCA (Technology Opportunities and Strategies toward Climate-friendly transport) projects. She has a PhD is in astrophysical numerical modelling from the University of Cambridge.
Contact: l.dray@ucl.ac.uk.

Dr Ben Milligan – Consultant

Ben is a Senior Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources and Visiting Senior Fellow at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security. He has also held visiting positions at the George Washington University, University of Cape Town and University of Cambridge. Ben’s expertise focuses on legal and policy aspects of sustainable development, and the governance of oceans and coasts including matters related to shipping. He has provided advisory services for organisations including national governments; the Commonwealth Secretariat; Global Environment Facility; UK Crown Estate Commissioners; UN Environment Programme; and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States.
Contact: ben.milligan@ucl.ac.uk

Eoin O’Keeffe – Principal Consultant

Eoin is a technical director with MATRANS following working with the shipping group at the UCL Energy Institute. Prior to this he developed and deployed desktop and online systems for a software house and a marketing communications agency. Before changing career to software, he project managed and was a structural engineer for multiple projects in both the Republic of Ireland and the UK. He has extensive experience in modelling ship movements and emissions using AIS data as well as statistical analysis of vessel performance using on-board operational data. He is also completing his doctorate research which is primarily focused on techno-economic simulation of the global dry bulk shipping sector using agent based modelling.
Contact: eoin.okeeffe@u-mas.co.uk

Dr Sophie Parker – Principal Consultant

Sophie is a Principal Consultant at UMAS. She is an applied economist and her research focuses on the role of finance and markets in influencing energy efficiency measures. Before joining UMAS, she worked as an economic consultant at KPMG and a regional economist at IHS. While at KPMG, she helped develop the methodology for HSBC’s IFRS9 macroeconomic models. She has a PhD in energy and economics and an MSc in Environmental and Resource Economics at UCL. Her PhD examined the economic determinants of freight prices and ship movements in the tanker market.
Contact: sophie.parker@u-mas.co.uk

Dr Nishatabbas Rehmatulla – Consultant

Nishat is a Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute and is involved in the Shipping and Changing Climates project. He is responsible for managing the work package dealing with supply and demand interaction, investigating the implementation of energy efficiency measures and barriers to their uptake as well as policies to accelerate transition to a low carbon industry. He gained his PhD in Energy and Transport ‘Market failures and barriers affecting energy efficient operations in shipping’ from UCL in 2014. He has a BSc in Management and an MSc in Energy, Trade & Finance, both from Cass Business School, City University.
Contact: n.rehmatulla@ucl.ac.uk

Isabelle Rojon – Consultant

Isabelle is a consultant at UMAS. Her research focuses on maritime greenhouse gas policies, the diffusion of technological innovation in shipping and environmental management. Before joining UMAS, she was a Senior Research & Editorial Executive at Fathom Maritime Intelligence, writing publications on environmental regulations and energy efficiency in the maritime industry, and has previously worked in the Energy & Environment Department of the research and consultancy company Ecorys in the Netherlands. Isabelle has a BA in Political and Economic Sciences from RWTH Aachen University, Germany and an MSc in Environmental Policy and Management from Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Contact: isabelle.rojon@u-mas.co.uk

Domagoj Baresic PhD

Domagoj is a Doctoral Researcher at the UCL Energy Institute. Prior to joining UCL, Domagoj worked for over three years in the financial sector as an analyst covering carbon and energy markets (at Bloomberg and GlobalData). His professional research emphasis was on European Union climate change policies and their impact on different aspect of energy infrastructures and markets. In addition, Domagoj has served for over a year as a Senior Fellow for a foreign policy London-based think tank (Human Security Centre) where his research interest concentrated on climate change, energy security and related effects on human safety. Originally from Croatia, Domagoj has lived in the UK for over 10 years and holds an MPhil in Environmental Policy and BA (Hons) in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Domagoj is particularly interested in global and regional policy developments that contribute to lowering of GHG emissions from shipping. He is keen on exploring in more detail the relationship between international organisations, global governance and scientific research. His research interests span the interrelationship between international relations, environmental politics and their relationship to science and technology.
Contact: domagoj.baresic.14@ucl.ac.uk

Jean-Marc Bonello PhD

Jean-Marc is a Doctoral Researcher at the UCL Energy Institute. His main research interests lie in data manipulation and analysis for measuring ship efficiency with particular attention to energy saving technologies and performance indices. He has an MSc in Marine Engineering and Naval architecture from the University of Southampton and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malta. His work experience includes design and consultancy in mechanical building services and naval architecture consultancy in the oil and gas industry.
Contact: jean-marc.bonello.15@ucl.ac.uk

Joseph Lambert PhD

Joseph Lambert works with the shipping transport team at the UCL Energy Institute where he is currently working towards a PhD on Arctic shipping and which alternative technologies can be a commercially viable substitute to more conventional fuels or technologies such as HFO. He has experience in using programs such as MATLAB, and other specialist packages like ANSYS or Abaqus to analyse core engineering problems. Through studying accounting and economics modules at the LSE he has developed an understanding of how businesses can use financial and managerial accounting to aid in decision making. He has an MEng degree from UCL in Engineering with Business Finance.
Contact: joseph.lambert.13@ucl.ac.uk

Colin Robertshaw PhD

Colin Robertshaw is a Doctoral Researcher of maritime operations and technology within the UCL Energy Institute. His PhD research is concerned with the transition pathways that are associated with the adoption of hydrogen based synthetic fuels within the maritime industry. He has substantial experience within industry and has held positions involved in the design, construction, survey and technical operation of various vessel types and associated systems. Colin holds an MSc in Marine and Offshore Power Systems and a BEng (Hons) in Marine Technology, awarded by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, in addition to industry specific operational certification, issued by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
Contact: colin.robertshaw.17@ucl.ac.uk