Sustainability Reporting

Maritime sector reporting on sustainability and climate change remains relatively low by comparison with other sectors. There are a complicated range of protocols that companies and organisations report against, these include the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (climate change, supply chain, carbon action) etc.

Whilst the current number of shipping companies reporting against these protocols is low, there is growing pressure from stakeholders for greater transparency across the sector and therefore a growing expectation for shipping companies to report on an equivalent basis as do other transport and industrial sectors. In addition, the European Commission has published a draft regulation for the monitoring reporting and verification of emissions of CO2 which will require all ships operating in EU waters to report accurate and verified annual CO2 data to a competent national authority.

UMAS provides support to the maritime sector in establishing the internal mechanisms to gather and interpret relevant information in order to prepare reports for both internal and external use. In particular, we provide reporting support for the following:

GHG Reporting – GHG compliant reporting against the current draft EU MRV regulation, IS014064, GHG protocol and preparation of CDP responses.

Sustainability Reporting – reporting against international sustainability standards including the GRI, FTSE4Good, Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Corporate Sustainability & Environmental Performance Reports – providing support in the preparation and reporting on sustainability and environmental management performance at the corporate level e.g. company sustainability reports, inclusion of performance data within the annual financial reports.