Fuse Fleet

In shipping, the decision to purchase a vessel or retrofit an existing vessel is contingent on a number of factors, not least how demand for transport for a vessel type may change and also how other operators may adjust their fleet.

But before attempting to understand how the demand and supply may change, it is important to understand the present context in which vessels operate. For example:

  • Are there emerging trends in the operation of a vessel size and type (for example fleet wide speed adjustments) that would affect the market value of new builds in this area?
  • What is the employment rate of vessels in a select type and size. Is there an emerging oversupply or undersupply?
  • What effect would a significant bunker price change have on a new vessel in this size and type?

FUSE Fleet tackles these questions and more by enabling users to understand the performance of multiple vessel benchmarked against peer vessels (of the same type and size) in the global fleet over an annual period. A user can analyse the performance of an existing vessel in their fleet or they can select an existing prototype vessel and measure its performance.

FUSE Fleet is an evolving tool that will help tackle those questions. Please get in touch to get a free sample report.