At COP27 maritime industry leaders launched a joint statement highlighting the urgent need for coordination at all levels to not only reduce emissions, but also to make the maritime industry more resilient and equitable, climate-smart and sustainable. The joint statement is supported by Global Maritime Forum, Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation, Maersk Mc-Kiney Moller Centre for Zero Carbon Shipping, The Aspen Institute, United Nations Global Compact, World Economic Forum and High Level Climate Champions.

Much of the underpinning evidence in the joint statement is derived from UMAS, including the co-created breakthrough target of at least 5% scalable zero-emission fuels in international shipping by 2030, a whole systems approach as suggested in the shipping Transition Strategy, definition and guidance on zero emission fuels in first mover initiatives Getting to Zero coalition (GtZ), cargo owners for Zero Emission Vessels (coZEV), First Movers Coalition and Clydebank Declaration, understanding the scale of investment opportunities in developing countries and more recent work on just and equitable transitions.

Read the full joint COP27 statement