Lloyds List annual Top 100 People features Dr Tristan Smith at rank 39 and describes him as ‘Shipping’s leading energy transition academic and advocate who has his fingerprints all over the leading climate science’. On policy he is ‘unstinting in calling for tougher emission rules’ saying ‘Shipping and its global regulator must choose between a short and brutal energy transition and a longer, gentler one’

TradeWinds which also published it’s Green Power – The People Driving Shipping Shipping’s Sustainability mentions Dr Tristan Smith as one of Top 10 advocates – The people who are shaping the policies that will drive shipping to be greener. Following the adoption of the ambitious revised GHG strategy, Dr Smith is quoted saying ‘2023 was a game changer for the IMO’ moving the IMO from a ‘laggard to leader’.

UMAS continues to be the leading, trusted and independent authority on shipping decarbonisation with several high profile publications and informative readouts from IMO meetings which have been popular amongst the shipping audience. Visit the www.umas.co.uk/latest for a full list of publications in chronological order

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Lloyds List – https://www.lloydslist.com/LL1147363/39-Tristan-Smith-UCL-Energy-Institute

Tradewinds – https://www.tradewindsnews.com/sustainability/green-power-the-people-driving-shipping-s-sustainability-transition/2-1-1563392