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UMAS is a sector focussed, commercial advisory service that draws upon the world leading expertise of the UCL Shipping Team combined with the advisory and management system expertise of UMAS International Ltd.

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UMAS’s involvement in this project was creating rapid assessment template and guidance documents for the 10 lead pilot IMO member states.

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Stranded assets in shipping

UMAS was commissioned by Carbon War Room to investigate the implications for investors, shipping companies and insurers on asset stranding.

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IMO 0.5% sulphur fuel oil study

UMAS as part of a consortium led by CE Delft deployed GloTraM to model the fuel supply side of compliant fuel oil in 2020.

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CO2 reduction targets for shipping

UMAS was commissioned by the Danish Shipowners Association to support the establishment of an ambitious yet achievable CO2 target for its members.

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The Existing Shipping Fleet’s CO2 Efficiency

As a follow on to the IMO Third GHG Study 2014, the IMO Secretariat commissioned UMAS to update the data for ships operational CO2 efficiency.

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Existing Vessel Design Index and retrofits

Carbon War Room commissioned UMAS revised the EVDI to accurately reflect a retrofit’s improvement on a ships design rating.

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Carbon credits methodology for retrofits

Commissioned by the Carbon War Room, this projects develops a methodology to assess a vessel’s baseline emissions pre-retrofit and quantify fuel savings directly resulting from interventions.

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Inventory of UK domestic GHG emissions

Commissioned by AEA Ricardo, UMAS used GloTraM to produce estimates of UK’s shipping GHG emissions for the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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Performance analysis of hull coatings

UMAS was commissioned by International Paint (AkzoNobel) to analyse and estimate the performance trends attributable to hull coatings.

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UK shipping CO2 emissions

This project supports the Committee on Climate Change’s review of the UK shipping CO2 emissions and deploys GloTraM for UK- centric trade flows.

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Substantiating shipping GHG policy debates

Funded by the European Climate Foundation this project seeks to raise awareness of maritime policies and led to the launch of www.shipmap.org

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Shipping GHG: analysis, strategy and outreach

Funded by the Pisces Foundation this project deploys, communication research and evidence to support progressive action on CO2 emissions.

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Third IMO GHG Study – 2014

The Third IMO GHG study is a key reference document for shipping stakeholders. Dr Tristan Smith and staff from UMAS led the Third IMO GHG with a consortium of nine other organisations.

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European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)

The UMAS team working together with a strategically established consortium were commissioned by the EBRD to undertake a technology assessment and market review of the Russian Fleet.

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UMAS was commissioned by INTERTANKO to provide further understanding of the Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) using data from its member shipowners in 2010-2013.

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Royal Belgian Shipowners Association (RBSA)

UMAS was commissioned by the RBSA to provide further insights to the Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) and the EU MRV policy using data from its member shipowners.

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Carbon War Room

UMAS has worked with the CWR in its shipping operations to develop a methodology for assessing fuel savings for an innovative financing model, whereby multiple vessels could be upgraded with retrofits.

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Innovative Transport Solutions for Fjords, Estuaries & Rivers

UMAS’s involvement in this EU Interreg project was in the policy work package investigating energy efficiency and GHG’s in relation to public procurement and tendering of ferry services in the North Sea.

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B9 Shipping

UMAS has been providing B9 Shipping with technical expertise through the deployment of the GloTraM model to estimate the fuel savings on routes for potential clients.

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Other related projects

Majority of the team in UMAS have been involved in UK academic grants since 2009, namely the ‘Low Carbon Shipping – A Systems Approach’ and ‘Shipping in Changing Climates’ projects.

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Client Testimonials

“Dr. Tristan Smith and his team have been instrumental in ensuring that our initiatives to identify profitable carbon emission reductions in shipping are grounded in high-quality rigorous science, research and analysis.”

Jeff Erikson - Director of Global Projects: Carbon War Room

“UMAS work for the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) has been key to both internal and external understanding of the issues around CO2 emissions in shipping. The UMAS team have the tools and expertise to deliver well focussed, valuable analysis and insight.”

Alastair Fischbacher - Director: Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Your Content Goes Here

“UMAS research gave substance to our initial assumptions enabling us to transition renewable powered shipping from a technology-only offer into a wider system solution where UMAS’ techno-economic modelling provides the ongoing and solid foundation for realising 21st century industrialised wind-powered ships.”

Diane Gilpin - Founder Director: B9 Shipping, Your Content Goes Here

“Dr Tristan Smith and his team have provided our association with an invaluable and objective insight on the carbon intensity of the Belgian merchant fleet. The dedication of the team to get it right is exemplary”

Ludovic Laffineur - Head of Marine Policy and Innovation: Royal Belgian Shipowners Association, Your Content Goes Here

“The team behind UMAS are great people to work with”

Diane Gilpin - Founder Director: B9 Shipping, Your Content Goes Here
“We have been impressed at Dr. Smith and his team’s ability to not only generate best-in-field research, but also to engage with the private industry to ensure the findings are applied and generate genuine efficiencies in the sector. The ability to improve knowledge transfer between research institutions and the shipping industry is what sets UMAS apart from the field”
Jeff Erikson - Director of Global Projects: Carbon War Room, Your Content Goes Here
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