With its in-house models, described as the ‘most sophisticated scenario planning model for shipping’ UMAS helps organisations to be better informed and prepare for the future.

Whole ship and shipping company systems modelling: Provision of technical and modelling support & advice for ships or shipping companies to identify technical and strategic responses to a range of regulatory and financial conditions. This includes carrying out work to identify, quantify and model whole fleet and sub-fleet characteristics and potential responses to various policy interventions.

Technology and financing risk management and modelling: Undertaking a range of assessments for companies and shipping stakeholders to model various operational scenarios and to assess the technological options and financing risk management strategies that could be deployed.

Fleet energy data and statistics: Collating, processing and assessing a wide range of world shipping fleet data and statistics from numerous and growing sources, such as AIS data. Incorporation of this data and statistics in to outputs for clients and thought leadership publications.

Transport system evolution modelling: Simulation modelling of the shipping system (global, regional or sectoral) to provide insight to business and policy stakeholders for long term strategic planning. This will predominantly involve the shipping system model, GloTraM. Outputs analysis from this process will be provided on a contracted basis for external companies and institutions or as thought leadership pieces for business development purposes.

GloTraM model license: Clients can use GloTraM to explore what-ifs for future market and policy scenarios that are relevant to them. To date the GloTraM model and it’s variants have been used by Lloyds Register, Rolls Royce, Shell, IEA, and ETI. Lloyds Register uses the model to explore future marine fuel trends and Shell uses the model to explore alternative fuels and LNG. IEA used the GloTraM model for the IEA Mobility Model, which contributes to the Energy Technology Perspectives and World Energy Outlook publications. The following publications have been produced using GloTraM: